MD, MD ph, FRCS ea



Mr Dimitrios Kyparissopoulos is currently one of a few Consultant Thoracic Surgeons in the world who can perform all spectrum of thoracic procedures with both conventional techniques (thoracotomies) and modern minimal invasive too, including Robotic procedures.

All this is the outcome of hard working as a Consultant Thoracic Surgeon for many years at John Radcliffe University Hospital, Oxford, UK, and the infamous Harefield Hospital, London, UK, and a long process of important and demanding training under established and world famous Surgeons, such as Professor Panayotis Spyrou and Magdi Yacoob. He has worked in domestic and overseas Hospitals in defferent countries, starting from University Hospitall of Larissa, Greece, then MST Spectrum Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands, later Harefield Hospital, London, UK and finally ST. Thomas' Hospital,London, UK.

Although he is Specialty Registered as a Cardiothoracic Surgeon, he has worked only as a pure Consultant Thoracic Surgeon, and has performed thousand of thoracic procedures over the last few years.

He often accepts invitations to participate and deliver lectures in domestic and international Fora and at the same time he is teaching Medical Students, trainees and Medical Staff subjects relevant to Thoracic Surgery. He is Faculty Member of University of Nicosia, Medical School.

Being away from Greece for almost 14 years now, his main aim and mission is to adopt and develop new techniques and gain skills to offer to Greek and Cypriot patients. Since 2016 he has moved from UK to Cyprus, where 50% of his everyday practice are overseas patients, mainly from Greece and Middle East countries. He is an established VATS Surgeon offering VATS Lobectomy as a default procedure, and since last year he has delivered the full spectrum of thoracic procedures using Robotic System Da Vinci. Videos of these innovative procedures you can find in this web page. 

Beyond his Medical practice, he chooses to spend his limitted free time with his beautiful family, his wife Georgia and his 3 children, Filanthi, Nikolas and Dimitra.

He has passion with sports and runs every day at least 5-10 Km. In the summer, when he is visiting his home town, Volos, Greece, he enjoys fishing. A good cinema film or a nice book helps him to relax in the night before a new demanding day comes.


Cypriot Mobile:  (00357)    99241771

Cypriot Landline (office - appointments):  (00357)   25200100

Greek    Mobile: (0030) 6944 603654

Greek Landline:  (0030) 212 213 4738

UK Mobile:   (0044) 7551 918651