Volos city, Greece, shakes the ground by breaking the record of cancer mortality whereas in London, according to Harefield’s Hospital Thoracic Surgeon Dimitrios Kyparissopoulos, early stage cancer is almost 100% curable!

Cancer casualties toll in Magnesia increases: Have we lost the battle or is something else occurring?

 It has become alarming to all of us this well-known fact that an unreasonably large part of our community, a friend , a relative, has been losing the battle against cancer. In this overally pessimistic period we’re experiencing , cancer comes to add up more despair to those who are being diagnosed with and to his surroundings and seems like the game is already lost before it’s begun. 

But is it so? Is it the end?

Someone who’s fighting, along with his patients, cancer every day, from a different national health system responds to this question with an absolute one-word answer: NO!

With no desire to console or give false hope to those who are reading this lines, im more than confident to say that nowdays, we, the doctors have the upper hand. Not the cancer!

There are of course conditions that we all need to understand whether the disease has striken your door, or not.

Practically 1 out of 3 people in the developed countries (I want to believe Greece belongs there) will display some form of cancer in their lives.

This is mostly due to the longer life expectancy in which there’s plenty of time to develop a malignancy.

Additionally, lifestyle and bad habits like smoking, add up, even if you take into account the particularly polluted environment, the combination becomes explosive.

Let me also note the smog in the air we breathe, the side-effects of which will appear in the upcoming years!

But let me focus on what has changed today and why I insist that things have become much better.

First of all, the prevention should be an important factor in our lives, however there are many types of cancer unrelated to someone’ s lifestyle. For example, there’s a huge increase of lung cancer in non-smokers with no connection to passive smoking.

So are we talking about pure luck? I couldn't disagree on that completely.

Regardless of luck , what is absolutely crucial is how soon it will be diagnosed and be treated!

With absolute sincerity and undeniable facts, early stage cancer can be 100% curable!

I’ve been in the pleasant position to cease monitoring of patients, after 5 clean years, where it is considered to be a cured condition. And I wonder why the english patient must live for ever while our citizens here in Volos break every record of mortality. And let me mention that all of my patients from Volos who have been treated over here by me, are living now healthy while those with advanced stage cancer lived for 10 more years than they were initially diagnosed! This is also a success!

The blame does not fall on the patient. At least not all of it. In 2014 people are entitled for a second or even third opinion. Internet is a great resource and its inexcusable to accept immediately whatever we are being told.

We are well aware of the quality of our national health system. It’s inconceivable to incriminate the option of "expensive" tests such as CT scans for our citizens. Not to mention more specific exams like the PET scan, which is a standard procedure for english citizens, whereas the greek must fall deeper in dept. With those simple and inexpensive examinations, diagnosis becomes simpler and fast treatment a reality! The majority of the cancer patients were diagnosed by luck, with no symptoms and it can be found in time with simple exams. Don’t forget that prevention is life saver in those situations!

Oncology councils do not exist in most cases, and if they do they are barely functioning. In the hospital of Volos, there is only one oncologist to fullfill the heavy load of our city. In England, there is a designated oncologist for every type of cancer.

Regarding my field, in Volos, there is no pulmonary and no bronchoscopy can be done, and lung cancer is number one cancer case. Needless to say that all colleague doctors of different fields do excellent work. I know from first hand the excellent work that is being done in the surgical clinic without the support it deserves!

I could write dozens of pages with examples and real life cases, but there’s no need.

Hopefully, TAXYDROMOS newspaper will be the wake-up call for everyone with this post. Everyone, including me from miles away, government, church should stand in front and pass the message. Cancer is not a threat anymore and the sooner it is diagnosed, as i usually tell my patients, the longer you will live and eventually pass away… but not from cancer!

PS1: My phone rings all the time from patients from Greece and i do my best to console and help as much as i can. This fact alone proves the extend of the gap and deficit in my field.

I didn’t mention the new techniques i apply in my work here. This is the next step. Lets start with the basics and go from there. 

And finally, everyone is entitled to his opinion. Greek statistics are well known. You are welcomed to visit and see the quality and simple work it is being done here. I dare you…

Translated in english, read the complete story at TAXYDROMOS post.